Thresholds of Chester County

Helping Prison Inmates make better Decisions since 1980


Volunteer Training Weekend

The Training session for new volunteers is scheduled for Saturday, September 16th. It will be held from 9 AM to 4 PM at the Chester County Government Services Building in West Chester. If you or someone you know is interested, contact Jourdan at 484-876-1816 or email to :

The Fall Teaching Cycle will begin at the prison October 3-4

Requests for volunteers will be going out shortly, so be alert for your Thresholds invitation.

Frontline-Life on Parole

Presents key events in the life of 4 clients from Conn. Corrections system while they are on Parole after being released from prison. Read more

Reducing Incarcerations

An article in USA Today details how law enforcment officals speak out on the need for less incarceration. Read more

Sponsor an Inmate Program

The Fund Raising committee has put together the 'Sponsor an Inmate' Program. We started the campaign at our general member meeting in April Read more

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events


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It is said that no one truly knows a nation until one has been inside its jails. A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones. - Nelson Mandela

Welcome to
Thresholds of Chester County

Thresholds is a group of dedicated volunteers who teach decision making skills to inmates at Chester County Prison. The six step process enables the client/inmates to set goals and develop practical plans to reach them. By use of group and one-on-one teaching settings, inmates are able to make the teachings personal and the goals achievable. Thresholds is the largest continuous skills and self help course provided at Chester County Prison. Read more

What's in the Name

Inmate Crossing the Threshold

A threshold is the sill of a doorway of a house or building. Our goal is that the inmate-clients, after completing the course, will cross over to a new beginning in their lives as they start to make better decisions.